As a Business Information Analyst, you are translating business requirements into system solutions, delivering and implementing these systems and offering support with regard to the use of the systems. Manage and offer support in the field of applications, process and data flows and reporting. In this position the contractor will perform RUN / support activities one week and during the other week you work on changes and projects (BUILD).

Application setup and interfacing
• Analyze logistic processes and procedures to understand the needs of the business.
• Translate these needs into solutions within the available system functionality, taking into account the consequences for the operations.
• Document and centrally archive the chosen solutions including the effects on processes and interfaces.
• Integrate other applications within the chosen solutions.
• Presenting the chosen solution to the client and customer.

• Develop standards and proposals based on analysis of logistics processes and procedures.
• Document the approved proposals.
• Inform and guide colleagues and support.

Reporting system
• Managing the library of standard reports and the data warehouse.
• Verifying requests for new reports and / or changes to existing reports and proposing alternatives for the use of standard reports.
• Ensure the development and documentation of new reports and / or changes.

Maintenance applications and systems
• Supervising systems and applications.
• Proactive maintenance of systems and applications.

Knowledge of following systems;
VB, C#/ .Net, ADO, XML (EDI), HTML, JavaScript, CSS, (MS) SQL, HTTPS/REST, Visual Studio.
Proven experience with
iSeries (AS/400).
Good knowledge of Dutch and English is a must. Basic level of French is a plus!





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